Insane Christmas album cover.

Worst Christmas Album Covers of All Time

Looking at these Christmas music album masterpieces only one question pops into mind: “What the hell were they thinking?!” Scroll down to see the ugliest, creepiest and weirdest Christmas album cover art ever.

Insane Christmas album cover.

Christmas with Kico.

Howdy Doody's Christmas party.

Happy holi-dee with Lenny Dee.

Merry Christmas ('specially for you).

Tiny Tim's Christmas album.

Awkward vintage Christmas album cover.

Dickory Doc with all of his friends.

Christmas with Marcy.

Hilariously bad Christmas album cover.

Christmas clown from hell.

Creepyiest Christmas album cover ever.

Wham! Last Christmas.

Creepy Christmas album for kids.

Zero effort Christmas album cover.

Raffi's Christmas album.

Sing with Marcy.

White Christmas.

Is this the dumbest Christmas album cover or what?

Christmas album from hell.

Source: sadanduseless

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