Legend Of The Dragon

We Made An Unusual Fashion Photoshoot Inspired By Fairytale-Like Couture

We were approached by Savannah College of Art and Design in collaboration with Rizzoli Publishing to produce a monograph for the visionary fashion designer Guo Pei.

While we were originally familiar with her name in connection to the 2015 Met Gala dress she fashioned for Rihanna, we quickly became enamored with her work. Looking through her designs was like pulling clothing straight out of Alice in Wonderland so we naturally went the route of creating fairytale worlds for them to live in.

The series of images were used in an art book called “Guo Pei: Couture Beyond” to showcase her work as inspiration to the western world. As the creative director and retoucher for HOWL, a traveling photo collective, it was my job to bring these images into the fantasy realm.

Over the course of 3 weeks and 13 locations in the deep south, Elliot Ross, Forest Woodward, Patrick O’Brien and I created 130 original images to be used in her book, ‘Beyond Couture.’

We hope you enjoy them!

More info: jimlind.com | howlcollective.com | Instagram


Legend Of The Dragon


An Amazing Journey In A Childhood Dream


An Amazing Journey In A Childhood Dream


One Thousand And Two Nights


One Thousand And Two Nights


Garden Of The Soul




One Thousand And Two Nights


Legend Of The Dragon




Legend Of The Dragon


One Thousand And Two Nights


One Thousand And Two Nights

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