What can be more simple than plain eggs? They are easy to cook and you can get them in aby shop around you. However, there are many amazing and very unexpected ideas for eggs. Can you imagine that plain egg trays can be not only useful around the house, but they are also perfect for art?

The first trick of this incredible lifehack collection will teach you how to learn if your egg is fresh. You can also learn how to separate yolks from whites in no-time! Another cool cooking idea is a colorful fried egg! It can be very tasty and healthy as well. All you have to do is extracting natural colors from purple cabbage. You can surprise your friends and family with this adorable idea!

Egg shells can be useful when it comes to washing bottles and if you crush egg shells into dust, you can use this powder as calcium supplement. You can make a cool jumping ball out of an…egg! Put an ordinary raw egg into a glass full of vinegar and leave overnight.

An egg shel can be a perfect chape for a candle! Just pour some molten was into an egg shell and add a thread to light your candle up.

There are numerous ways to cook perfect eggs. My favorite trick is cooking poached eggs in a microwave. Watching this video, you’ll also find a lot of ways of peeling eggs really fast.

Don’t rush to throw away an egg tray! Using an egg tray, you can create a beautiful 3D picture, or it can store your paint.

Watch this video up to the end and see how to make a perfect omelette.


02:03 – Separating yolks from whites
03:27 – Secret egg boiling hack
04:41 – Egg tray painting
15:01 – Cooking perfect eggs

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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