Squishy Makeovers: Fixing My Squishies / 9 Awesome Squishy Hacks

What is the best way to defeat stress? We’re sure that’s anti stress toys and squishes! You’ve heard about it, but don’t know how to make it? It’s not a problem anymore, because we’ve prepared a new Troom Troom video, in which we will tell in detail how to make slime stress relievers and squishes!

Supplies and tools
• Old squishies
• Utility knife
• Paper clip
• Flat pliers
• Light clay
• Toothpick
• Silicone baking mold
• Memory foam
• Rubber glue
• Clothespins
• Rubber paints
• Fabric paints
• Rhinestones
• Wooden ice cream stick
• Painter’s tape
• Felt
• Phone case
• Hot glue gun
• Polyethylene foam
• Double sided tape
• Tweezers
• Straws

Source: Troom Troom 

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