This husky just LOVES Christmas.

Pets That LOVE Christmas More Than Anything

Some pets hate Christmas, some are indifferent, but these lovely fluffy creatures featured below just LOVE Christmas and are full of festive spirit.

This husky just LOVES Christmas.

He hates Christmas with all his little heart.

World's grumpiest reindeer.

Not a big fan of Christmas.

He's full of joy and Christmas spirit.

He really LOVES Christmas.

He really LOVES Christmas!

He really loves his Christmas hat.

A very merry Christmas.

World's happiest cat celebrating Christmas.

He loves Christmas. Really, he does.

Her cat really loves Christmas.

They adore their Christmas outfits.

He's full of Christmas joy.

Grumpy cat wearing Santa's hat.

You can tell that he loves Christmas.

These pets just LOVE Christmas.

He really hates Christmas.

He despises Christmas.

He LOVES Christmas.

Source: sadanduseless

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