His hands are tiny but his ideas are huge.

People Are Making Trump Photos With Tiny Hands To Annoy The President

There’s a new movement dedicated to piss off Trump and we have a feeling that the president is not going to like it. Scroll down to see the funniest examples.

His hands are tiny but his ideas are huge.

Bigly man with tiny hands.

Tiny handed Trump giving a speech.

Have you ever noticed how tiny Trump's hands are?

Trump using his tiny hands as a pillow.

Just look how tiny his hands are!

Donald showing his tiny hands.

Just look how adorable his tiny hands are!

Tiny-handed Trump posing with his family.

Trump's tiny hands never fail to amuse me.

His hands are so tiny!

Have you seen anything cuter than this?

Look how happy this tiny-handed man is!

His hands are as tiny as his mind.

Look how tiny his hands are!

Did you know that Trump's hands are very tiny?

"Not guilty" says Trump's tiny hands.

Trump's hands are actually extremely tiny.

Tiny-handed Trump giving the greatest speech ever.

The greatest tiny-handed president ever.

Source: sadanduseless

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