Best workout exercises without going to the gym.

Exercising is crucial in our lives both for our physical well being and mental wellness. Many researchers have proven that exercise can cure mild depression and eliminate symptoms of anxiety. Some of us don’t have the time to go to the gym and get a gym membership but that should never stop anyone from exercising and getting all the benefits from it. In this video demonstration, we show you the best work out without any equipment to help you achieve the body of your dreams and become healthy.

– The plie squads are perfect if you would like to exercises your glutes, legs, and calves and it also increases motion in your hips.
– The Weight twist crunches are ideal for exercising your abs and obliques, they will help to give you a flat toned belly.
– The Back Kicks are perfect for strengthening the legs and glutes while also promoting flexibility.
– The bend over bow exercise can stretch the hips and opens up the shoulders and chest. This is ideal for people who have a lot of tension.
– Front kicks exercises are great for cardio since they increase heart rate and stretches the inner glutes, they also promote flexibility on the legs and help you get more toned abs.
– Jumping jacks is the best exercise for shedding fat and improve muscle tones in the thighs, shoulders, and arms.
– The push-ups are the most known exercise for building upper body strength. It also strengthens the lower back, and shoulders.
– The inchworm is perfect to do right after stretching to prepare your body for exercise since it an awesome bodyweight exercise.
– The knee to elbow plank exercises the core and glutes. In addition to that, it also improves balance and promotes healthier posture.
– Then we have the monkey squats which is ideal for protecting your back such as quads and long muscles of the back.
– The donkey kicks is a very simple yet effective exercise for targeting the glutes and strengthening the buttocks.
– The lunges are known to target the quadriceps, however, they also target a number of secondary muscles that are involved in this exercise such as glute, calves and core muscles in general. It is perfect for toning the lower body
– The Side bends are the best for bringing balance to the body. They improve flexibility and also lengthen the hips, abdominal and thigh muscles.

​Further to the exercises above we demonstrate in the video various exercises that help burn more calories and fat. They are usually done with a partner since they are more effective this way and exercising with someone can also help you motivate each other. In the video, we show you how many calories you burn doing this exercises so that you can keep track. ​
0:08 – Plie Squads
0:15 – Twist crunches
0:22 – Back kicks
0:41 – Front kicks
0:51 – Jumping jacks
1:05 – The inchworm
1:16 – Knee to elbow exercise
1:46 – Pop squads
2:03 – High knee lunges
2:26 – Leg extensions
2:34 – Side bends
3:06 – High knee cardio
3:53 – Fat burning exercises – balance
4:04 – Side Lunges
4:29 – Couples push-ups with squads
4:38 – Awesome fast cardio exercise
5:15 – Squads
5:38 – Leg-bicycle couple’s exercise
6:35 – Fat burning hack – stairs

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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