My Every Sunday DIY Natural Skin Care Routine Plus Three DIY Projects

In this video I show my face care, hair care and hand care routine using only natural ingredients. And, of course, I show how to make three DIY projects – DIY Makeup Remover, DIY Mirror Decoration and DIY Motivation Wall Art.

I start with DIY Natural Face Care.
First step is to open pores with steam bath. To make it you will need 3 tablespoons sea salt, 700 ml hot (boiling) water, a bowl and a towel to cover yourself for better effect. Keep safe distance from the hot water (about 15-25 cm) and steam your face for 10 minutes. Then just gently dry it with towel.

The second step is a DIY lip scrub. You will need a sugar to make it. Just scrub your lips with sugar in circular motion for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water or remove sugar with wet cotton pad. I use beet sugar because it is vegan.

The third step is to clean nose pores (to prevent (or remove, if you have) blackheads). I use a slice of lime fruit. Just press it to your nose for 2 minutes. Works great!

Fourth – a DIY facial scrub. I don’t use any special recipes for it – just scrub wet face with ground coffee. It works just perfect! I wouldn’t say I do it too gently, but not too hard too. After scrubbing your skin feels like a dolphin skin LOL It’s awesome. I also scrub all my body with ground coffee once a week. Wash with warm water. NOTE! You would probably need to wash your face twice, because sometimes coffee paint your skin. It’s ok, just wash your face again.

The fifth step is a DIY Natural facial mask. It is anti-aging and vitaminize your skin with vitamin C – the most powerful anti-wrinkles vitamin. This is not the one vitamin in this mask, but the most important. So you will need a half of avocado, a piece of mango (vitamins A and C) and a branch of parsley (vitamin C champion). Avocado gives your skin natural fats and those two, I would say “attack” your skin with vitamin C.

Benefits of this mask:
Avocado contains fatty acids, beta carotene, protein, vitamin A, E and D which moisturize your skin, protect it from ultraviolet rays and increase collagen metabolism.
Mango is rich in vitamins A and C – antioxidants! It contains collagen which smooth your skin and prevent wrinkles appearing.
Parsley – is a champion in vitamin C! It is anti-aging, full of anti-cancer antioxidants, prevents acne!

I keep this mask on my face for 20 minutes (till it’s surface will dry) and rinse with warm water.

BUT! Just after applying this mask on your face – cut two slices of cucumber and put them on your closed eyes for 5 minutes. Super relaxing and nourishing you eyelids with vitamin C!

I’ve decided to make DIYs while sitting with mask. 🙂 So here the first one (of three) – the best ever DIY Makeup Remover. All you need is a cotton pads (I took 14 for 1 week (2 per day)), a jar with lid and extra virgin olive oil. Use it for one week and then refill the jar. It is the best make-up remover ever.

Moving to the hair! My Natural DIY Hair Care is very simple – just apply extra virgin olive oil all over your hair (don’t forget the tips) with plastic hairbrush or comb. If you have oily hair – better to not apply the olive oil on head’s skin. Wait for 30 (at least) minutes (better 40) and wash with your regular shampoo.

NOTE! All my skin care routine is vegan and cruelty-free! So please, use only cruelty-free shampoo!

Meanwhile… DIY project #2 – DIY Vanity Mirror Decoration. I took a mirror and decorated it with artificial flowers and leaves – natural-looking mirror for natural skin care 🙂

DIY Natural Hand Care is the next! Ground rice with mortar and pestle (just to crack every seed on three-four parts, don’t make a rice flour) and scrub your wet hands with ground rice for 3 minutes. It whiten your skin and makes it soooo smooooth. Awesome!

And the third DIY – is a DIY Motivation wall art on canvas. You can make it on paper and put into the frame 😉 I used an Oscar Wilde’s quote “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. It matches for the theme of the video I think. I printed the image I made myself in photo editor app for my smartphone. You can print it from my site ( or trace the image from the screen to paper. Then painted the letters, covered them with glitter nail polish, cut them off and glued to the canvas. I placed a little mirror instead of letter “o” and I think it suits to the phrase perfectly. Few more decorating elements (gold glitter tape and gold paper) and you’re done!

Source: IdunnGoddess 

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