Chicken beauty queen.

Malaysian Chicken Beauty Pageants Photographed by Ernest Goh

When we think of animal beauty pageants, we normally think of over-fluffed dogs or highly accessorized ponies. Chickens? Not so much. However photographer Ernest Goh is on a mission to change that.

Chicken beauty queen.

Stunning beauty contest participant.

Hilarious chicken photo.

Fabulous rooster.

Beautiful rooster.

Beautiful rooster photo.

Funny rooster photo.

Stunning beautiful chicken.

Funny headless chicken.

Beautiful rooster picture.

Is this the coolest rooster or what?

Is this the funniest looking rooster or what?

Rooster beauty contest participant.

Ugly creepy chicken.

Amazing beautiful rooster.

Cool looking rooster.

Stunning rooster.

Hot chicken beauty contest participant.

Funny awkward rooster.

Weird funny chicken photo.

Source: sadanduseless

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