'T-Rex Bay' At Kelingking Beach

I Photographed Nusa Penida Island With My Phone

My name is Eric and I am from Bali, Indonesia. I love to tell stories through photographs.

This time, I want to share a story of Nusa Penida island in Indonesia with the photos I took with my phone.

I photographed with Xiaomi Redmi Pro smartphone and edited photos with a free mobile version of Adobe Lightroom.

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#1 ‘T-Rex Bay’ At Kelingking Beach

'T-Rex Bay' At Kelingking Beach#2 Tree House Molenteng

Tree House Molenteng#3 Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach#4 Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach

#5 The Teletubbies’ Hill

The Teletubbies' Hill#6 Raja Lima Atuh Beach

Raja Lima Atuh Beach#7 Angel’s Billabong

Angel's Billabong#8 Broken Beach “Pasih Uug”

Broken Beach "Pasih Uug"#9 Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

Source: boredpanda

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