View From Above

I Like To Think That Witches Live Among Us, So I Tried To Imagine Their Daily Routine And This Is What I Came Up With

Have you ever wondered what witches do on their ordinary days? I like to think that they’re always there, living among us and witnessing the world’s ordinary miracles.

So this for Halloween, I imagined a daily life of a witch and tried to recreate it through my work.

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#1 View From Above

View From Above

#2 Take Off

Take Off

#3 Start Of Duty

Start Of Duty

#4 Teleportation


#5 The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour

#6 A Singer And The Crowd

A Singer And The Crowd

#7 Harvest Season

Harvest Season

#8 Break Of Dawn

Break Of Dawn

#9 Out Trick-Or-Treating

Out Trick-Or-Treating

#10 Preparing For Night Duty

Preparing For Night Duty

#11 Fishing For Pumpkins

Fishing For Pumpkins

#12 A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

#13 Night Crawler

Night Crawler

#14 Taking Breaks

Taking Breaks

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