How To Make A DIY Slime Lava Lamp Using Coca-Cola Can and Bottle – DIY Slime Lamp

In this video I show a super easy way to make a #DIY long-lasting Lava Lamp with #Slime instead of lava – so – Slime Lamp! One of the most easiest, cutest and shortest DIY tutorials I’ve ever made and novelty item I’ve ever invented.

All you need for this awesome DIY project: empty #cocacola glass bottle and cap, empty #Coke can, jute twine, old (used) tealight, jute twine, vegetable oil and a slime, of course! I bought mine, but you can try to make a slime yourself. Let me know if your slime recipe will work for this #lamp!

Why do I use a #doityourself candle made out of vegetable oil and a jute twine? Because it gives much more heat than a candle and lasts three-time longer.

Source: IdunnGoddess 

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