Have Fun with These 7 Creative Photo Ideas! Phone Photo Hacks and More DIY Ideas

Find new ways to update your profile picture using these creative photography ideas! Improve those boring images by adding an original lighting twist with everyday kitchenware or simple DIY Lens Filters. No extra hands to help you out with your picture? As long as you have some earphones laying around you’re good to go! Discover how to dress as your favorite fruit and learn other cool camera tricks!

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0:04 Use a Handheld Mirror as a Colorful Pattern Reflection
0:20 Reflect Other Side of Body Using a Wall Mirror
0:45 Use Kitchenware For Unique Lighting Patterns
1:24 Pretend You Own a Sports Car
3:30 Dress Up Like a Flower or Fruit
4:19 Enhance Party Photos with Simple Shape Lens Filters
5:19 Stabilize Your Camera Movement with an Office Chair
6:49 Keep Distance Between Camera Using Earphone Buttons

Source: Crafty Panda

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