I Am Groot. 12 Years Old

Halloween Is My Jam And Painting On Kids’ Faces Is My Favorite Part

My name is Lynn Hetherington Becker, I’m an artist in Columbus, OH. And Halloween is my jam.

One of my favorite things to do is face and body painting on children. I love turning them into amazing creations. During Halloween, I feel like I have carte blanche to go from scary and morbid to sweet and amazing.

All of the children featured in these photos are under 13 years old and the youngest is only 2.

More info: lhetheringtonstudio.com | Instagram


I Am Groot. 12 Years Old#2

3 Years Old#3

Superman. 2 Years Old#4

3 Years Old#5

11 Years Old#6

4 Years Old#7

3 Year Are Old#8

13 Years Old#9

7 Years Old#10

4 Year Old#11

2 Years Old#12



2 Years Old#15

4 Years Old

Source: boredpanda

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