Stay within the lines!

Funny Notes Left For Really Bad Parkers

People who choose to park like morons, are a mystery. It literally takes a few extra seconds and a tiny bit of effort park like a decent human being. Well… at least we have these hilarious notes left on cars to cheer us up. Here we go!

Stay within the lines!

The way you pulled in...

Please don't reproduce.

I didn't know the blind could drive.

I hope this helps.

Parking space just for you!

Dear Sir...

Shit parking award.

You suck at parking.

Parking violation note.

Learn to park, Helen Keller!

Is your name Katrina?

I don't know who you are...

Yeaaah.... if you could go ahead and...


Thanks for parking so close!

When you park like a tool...

A-hole parking.

That's quite a parking job.

Roses are red, violets are blue...

Source: sadanduseless

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