Crazy Life Hacks For Girls and More Girl DIY Ideas


Here is the ultimate collection of useful hacks that will help you in any situation.
Let’s start from bathroom hacks that will be useful at home or outside of your home: what to do if the lock is broken in WC if you don’t have shower cap – use a plastic bag, how to reuse hangers in the bathroom. You can use Cola to clean your toilet easily and quickly. Just pour Cola into the toilet and flush!
Check out how to up-cycle cardboard boxes into beautiful instant storage boxes! There is always not enough boxes and containers at home to keep everything organized. Moreover, organizing items could be really expensive. You can create your own beautiful storage boxes from ordinary cardboard boxes, a piece of fabric and a rope. Use this box to beautifully store the towels.
Did you know that you can use rice as a very helpful household item? You can store tools in it, use rice to clean vases, rice could help to dry the phone and help to clean the bottle and a lot more!
Surprisingly, toothpaste is a multifunctional cleaner that could be used not only to clean your teeth.
Check out unusual uses of toothpaste:
– use toothpaste to clean your iron
– toothpaste is a great thing to get rid of bad smells for example if you cook fish
– you can clean your faucet with toothpaste
– clean your silver jewelry collection
– find out how to clean foggy and cloudy car headlights using toothpaste
We are sharing today sewing hacks that will totally love sewing pros and beginners! Pros will find new tricks and hand sewing tips.
Use tea bags as shoe freshener to get rid of unpleasant odors. Moreover, you can use tea to restore wooden surface, to clean a mirror or even to protect your plants against pests.
There is a smart way to store tiny object – use tic tac box. Organize your safety pins, stationery, hairpins and more! Also, you can store salt and spices in it.

Source: SumoTubeHD

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