Whatcha doin? Readin?

Cats That Have No Intention of Letting You Read

Cats everywhere have been spotted trying to stop people from reading, knowing that every book we read will make us harder to control when they finally take over the world. Scroll down to see it for yourself and share this post so that all of your friends would be aware of this serious issue.

Whatcha doin? Readin?

He doesn't want you to read. So you won't be reading.

Ginger cat helping you to read a book.

Adorable helpful cat making your reading much easier.

Cat helping to read comic books.

Morning newspaper and coffee.

This cat has decided that you don't need to read right now.

What do you mean "I'm not helping"?!

Always ready to help you read.

He could sit anywhere, but he has decided to help you read.

Cute kitten helping you read.

He's just trying to help you read your newspaper.

Sup? Need some help reading that book?

What are you trying to do? Read?

Wanna read something? Let me just stand here.

Cute cat helping you to read your newspaper.

Trying to read a newspaper? No today.

What are you reading? Let me help!

Cat helping to read a cookbook.

This tiny paw won't let you keep reading.

Cute kitten helping you to read a book.

Source: sadanduseless

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