Guy Falls Asleep On Roadtrip, Girlfriend Asks Internet To Photoshop In What He Misses Along The Way

Eria recently went on a roadtrip with her boyfriend, Scott. He had fallen asleep in the car, so she playfully asked people on the “I’m Telling God” Facebook group, a group that specializes in the dankest of memes, to photoshop…

Hilariously Awkward Glamour Photos of Trump And His “Best People”

The funniest photoshop jobs I have seen in quite a while which also just so happen to poke fun at members of the current administration and other fascistic enablers and foul miscreants. Created by Chest Strongwell. Source: sadanduseless

Squiggle Brows And Lips Beauty Trend Takes Over Instagram

No beauty trend is too weird for 2018. And just when we thought we’d seen it all, along came #squigglebrows and #squigglelips Because haven’t you always wanted it to look like you have little snakes slithering above your eyes and around your mouth? Source: sadanduseless