Cacao Tree

Botanical Art

These plants are botanical illustrations, which I painted with watercolors. I started this type of illustrations 4 years ago.

I was working in an advertising agency and I was tired of staring at the computer screen for 8 hours. I was looking for something real, then I got sick.  One morning I was drinking lemon tea and I found a seed. I peeled it, put in the wet paper towel and after a while it germinated.
Later on, there was a little tree and then I found this idea to paint it. So day after day I was painting tropical plants, flowers and this became to me a meditation form, an escape from the digital world.

Now I am working both, as a digital illustrator and as a fine artist, who is painting botanic pictures.

I hope you like this!

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#1 Red Peony

Red Peony#2 Cola Tree

Cola Tree#3 Poppy

Poppy#4 Hops

Hops#5 Pink Peony

Pink Peony#6 Cacao Tree

Cacao Tree#7 Coca Tree

Coca Tree#8 Iris

Iris#9 Pineapple

Pineapple#10 Yellow Poppy

Yellow Poppy#11 Cannabis

Cannabis#12 Coca Tree

Coca Tree#13 Lithuanian Guava (Non Existing Plant)

Lithuanian Guava (Non Existing Plant)#14 Pink Peony

Pink Peony#15 Sloe


Source: boredpanda

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