Everyone loves pranks. Especially, when they are safe and funny for everyone. You can spend a good time playing funny pranks on your friends and if only you know the catch, you’ll be the smrtest one and win the bet. In this awesome kids pranks video, we collected the coolest, the funniest, and the smartest pranks! Check them out and tell us in the comments, which one you liked most of all.

The first prank is really hard! Don’t play it on touchy people, or they’ll get a heart attack.)) I think, I would get one if someone showed me a finger with a lot of needles inside it! You can repeat this at home – all you need is pins, glue, and red paint for imitating blood. The scariest prank ever! Another prank that can give a heart attack to anyone,

Use a small mirror for the weirdest selfies in the world! This looks so hilarious, I can’t stop laughing! Another classic prank is Menthos pill and Coke. Everyone knows how they react if put together! Watch this video and see how to play this prank on your friends.

The next prank can be called “Eat my dust!” Or, if to be more accurate, “Eat my dirt”…with worms. You can make very naturally looking worms out of cocoa, milk, and gelatin. Fill straws with this mixture and let cool. Shredded brownie looks exactly like wet soil. Put some “worms” into your “soil” and paly pranks on someone! Bet that you eat 3 spoonfulls of soil and see his or her eyes getting big and round! So yummy! Bon appetit!

Invite your friends to your place and try to make the 4 chairs trick! You’ll need 4 people and 4 chairs. People sit on the chairs and put their heads on each other’s knees. Then, the fifth person removes the chairs one by one and voils – 4 people can remain standing without any chairs below them! This exercise helps to build trust and it’s also such fun!

If you watch this video up to the end, you can see a lot of amazing pranks and ideas for boring and rainy autumn days. Don’t forget to see the Nutella hack (it’s my favorite).


00:50 – Edible worms
01:44 – Phone prank
04:51 – 4 chairs prank
08:37 – Ice-cream tricks

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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