Kitchen hacks for cooking:

If you are the type of person who loves spending time in the kitchen then this video is made for you. Sometimes you may find it hard to cut or peel some fruits and vegetables, other times you are trying to find the best hacks out there to make your life easier in the kitchen. Whether a newbie or a pro, here we have some amazing tricks on how to peel and cut anything.

– Do you know how to cut a cake without a knife?
Well, that’s what dental floss is all about. You take a large thread from your dental floss and run it through your cake vertically and voila. This way you can divide your cake into 8 pieces or more. It’s up to you or your guests.

– How to cut veggies in equal pieces in just a few seconds.
What you need to do, is to take your cucumber, place it on your cutting board, then, take the wide-tooth-comb and pierce it vertically. This will also keep your cucumber steady and it won’t start rolling on your cutting board. Then, using a sharp knife start slicing in-between each silver bristle. Then remove the comb, and there you have it. You can use it to finely cut onions, tomatoes for salad or a sandwich.

– How to use the egg slicer:
Egg slicers came into our lives to make it easier. Even though they were just designed for eggs their capabilities don’t end there. You can use them to evenly slice mushrooms so quickly and easy. You just place the mushroom in the egg slicer upside down and then you drag the egg slicer until it closes.

– How to make your own pastry cutter:
You take a round plastic bottle and using your cutter your cut it in half and voila, start using the top half of the bottle and start cutting your circles in your pastries.

– Do you know how to peel ginger when you don’t have a peeler?
Ginger is a tough one to peel even with a peeler, sometimes you waste so much of using a peeler because of its hard texture. Place your ginger on your cutting board and take your teaspoon, then turn it so that the bowl of the teaspoon faces the ginger and using its tip start scratching the skin off.

– How to peel an orange:
Instead of just starting to peel your orange, do this. Take your orange and place it on a hard surface, then start rolling it firmly using your hands in all directions.

– How to create floral decorations for your dishes using carrots: Peel your carrot as you regularly do. Then, using a large vegetable sharpener place your carrot inside and start sharpening it like you would sharpen your pencils. Your carrots will form into this beautiful floral swirl that you can present and impress your guests.

– A simple trick on how to peel hard-boiled eggs:
Take your hard-boiled eggs out of the boiling pan using tongs. Have a plastic container filled with cold water, and place on your eggs inside. Firmly close the lid to avoid any spillages and start shaking them for 5 – 10 seconds. Then remove the lid and you will see how easy it is to peel without the fuss.

– A cool hack on how to peel carrots:
Rinse your carrots as you would normally do and then take a clean kitchen scrub and start scrubbing until you see the outer skin being removed.

– How to toast your bread without a toaster or an oven:
If you’ve been in a situation where you don’t have a way to have a nice slice of toasted bread then you will love this genius hack. Take your bread knife and heating up using a gas torch, then start slicing your bread. The heat from the knife will toast your slice of bread perfectly.

– The correct way to peel a kiwi:
Take your kiwi, place it on the chopping board and using a knife cut the top of. Then place it facing up on your chopping board and using a spoon insert it close to the walls of the inner skin and start going all the way around the fruit until the skin becomes de-attached. Then using your spoon again take the fruit out of the skin bowl you just created.

Which of these was your favourite hack? Please let us know in the comments.

0:18 – Cool cucumber hack
1:11 – Awesome trick to peel an apple
3:54 – A cool way to cut a watermelon
10:02 – Trick for toasted bread
11:34 – How to peel any fruit
13:44 – Easy methods for shrimps

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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