​Amazing Art Hacks and drawings

Art is all around us, and it is one of the best ways to express ourselves. Some people are lucky enough to pursue it as their full-time jobs while others enjoy it as a hobby. Everyone is creative in their own way and they use their creativity in their everyday life all the time without realizing. Whether this is through doodling, or decorating their journals, some others draw in their sketchbooks, other people draw their ideas because this is part of their creative process, or even decorate their bullet journals with simple doodles or their scrapbooks. Here we have a video compilation with some amazing simple drawings, doodles, and patterns that are perfect for both kids and adults.

1. Graphic Design and logo design through drawings
If you like graphic design you will definitely love the visual communication of these minimalistic logos. It takes a lot of brainstorming to come up with a perfect logo design for a company and a lot of intelligence to be able to communicate your ideas through a simple image. Take a look at these simple marker doodles that are designed in such a way to show exactly what they are.
– The Palm tree Drawing- where you use letters to form both the leaves of the tree and the tree trunk at the bottom using those two words.
– The Shark Drawing – You first draw the S as the sharks head with its sharp teeth, and then the rest of the word follows until the end. The A is the fin and the K is the shark’s tail.
– The Pizza Drawing – In this one we can see that the P represents the Pizzas outer crust, while the letters become more narrow later and form into a triangle shape to write pizza.

2. How to create 3d patterns:
Patterns are one of the easiest yet the most intriguing things to draw. Many people use them to decorate their sketchbooks, bullet journals or as a fun coloring exercise to do with their markers. There are many ways to draw different patterns, some of them are optical illusions and give you a sense of depth while others remind us of the Op Art movement, which means that the more you look at them the more they look like they are moving.

3. How to create 3D art:
This is one of the most fun drawing exercises you can do. It can teach you a lot on how to shade with your pencil especially if you are a beginner and understand the perspective from different angles. Let’s take for example the number 7 optical illusion drawing. You first create a square on your drawing paper. Then you let half an inch space and drag lines from one side of the paper to the other to make it appear that it is a ruled paper. You draw the number 7 in the middle of the paper and leave that part empty. Then, you take your ruler and drug diagonal lines that start from the top line to the opposite line underneath. And you start shading using different values. Try do gradually draw the depth of number 7 using gradient values going from the darker shade to the lighter shade.

4. How to draw a rose:
This is one is a very simple way to draw or doodle a rose using markers especially if you a beginner. Here is how you do. First, you draw a circle, and inside that circle, you draw 1 triangle, then you draw another triangle but you position it differently than the previous one and you continue the same drawing process until there is not more room in the middle for more triangles.

5. See the correct vs the incorrect way to draw anything and follow the tutorials. Here we show you an alternative way to draw simple thing more realistically. For example, how an eye is drawn by an amateur vs how it is drawn by a professional. Additionally, we show you a simple way on how to draw a french braid and 3 different ways to draw realistic lips.

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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