Art is very beneficial for kids. Painting helps to relax, get rid of stress, concentrate, and last but not the least, it helps to develop fine motor skills and creativity. Why not using drawing and painting for learning ABC for kids? Today, we collected amazing art and education ideas for kids and I think you should try them all and tell us what you liked most.

Fingerpainting is an amazing and very useful kinesthetic activity for toddlers. It develops both imagination and fine motor skills.There’s a lot of fingerpainting ideas we prepared for you in this video. The first idea to learn ABC by heart and once and for all using finger painting for kids is borderline genius! Take colorful paints and a marker in order to add up some details and write the words. We illustrated every letter of English alphabet! You decide whether to repeat after us or change these letters with other letters. After all, you get an incredible handmade ABC poster!

You can also make lovely postcards and posters for Christmas! Those adorable deers look incredibly cool. We also drew sweet fairy lights and a funny family.

You can draw anything using fingerprints! Just use your imagination and decide what to turn your fingerprint into. A couple of sheep, a helicopter, a train, an airplane, a tank, a bee, a ladybug, a fish, a cat, a pig, a dog, a mouse, a bird, an alien, a lot of funny faces – here’s what we came up with. What are your ideas?


0:08 – Fingerpainted ABC
04:51 – Christmas drawings
06:26 – Animals from fingerprints

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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