Awesome glue gun hacks and ideas

The glue gun was originally invented for industrial reasons back in the day, but it was only recently that it became a necessity in every household in the world. We use hot glue so often that it is absolutely impossible to live without it and that’s how these awesome hacks were invented. We wanted to share with you some tricks and creations you can do by using hot glue.

In this video, we demonstrate how to create a fashionable and practical phone case using hot glue and thread. You simply place the thread at the edge of the glue stick and then you place it in your glue gun. Then start tracing your phones shape all around and create the design you want. You can also use it for more practical hacks that can be proven a lifesaver. For example, if your bathroom easily clogs, just take a tea candle like we demonstrate in the video and trace it all around. Then, drag 4 lines on top from one side of the candle to the other. Finally, remove the tea candle and there you have it. It will collect all the hairs while you are showering.

Another way to use glue stick is by creating 4 little legs for your laptop to prevent it from overheating, here is how you can do it. Take small silicone molds for chocolate and fill them with hot glue. Then let them dry and remove the mold, repeat this 4 times. Then, take some double sided tape, place it at the four corners of your laptop and stick the little silicone pads you created on top. This will let more airflow to your laptop’s fans and will stop the overheating.

You can also use it to re-purpose an old box file and turn it into an organized pencil case that you can take anywhere with you. In addition to that we have an awesome hack to make your own dispensable juice bottle and when you lift the cap of the bottle it will dispense juice in your glass, simply watch the video tutorial for a full demonstration.

Using hot glue can revolutionize the way you do things in your everyday life, and even though this might seem like an exaggeration it is the truth. The only thing it requires is an idea and a lot of imagination. You can mold it into creating your own nail caps for removing nail polish, or you can use to make your own jewelry as we show you in the video. Since the silicone in the glue alongside plastic is used in many household items, you can use it to make your own household items, such as a self-adhesive bathroom mat or even make your own shoes. The possibilities are endless.
0:33 – Prevent your bathroom from clogging
2:38 – DIY phone stand
3:06 – DIY pencil case
4:23 – Automatic juice dispenser
5:30 – Hanger hack
5:59 – Awesome rose decorations
6:59 – DIY bracelet
7:49 – Bottle seal
10:55 – Fix a loose ring
11:52 – Makeup brush cleaner
13:17 – Flashlight diffuser

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY


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