A healthy and sharp mind is key to a successful and happy life. You need to train your brain and keep it from becoming lazy. Moreover, not only mental exercising can help your brain, but exercising your body is essential too. Physical exercises have many mental benefits such as improving cognitive functioning, reducing the risk of developing dementia. We share a lot of tips on how to train and improve your brain functions. Exercises that you will find in our video are really simple and can be done by people of all age groups.
Let’s start from mirror writing, it’s a production of letters, words or sentences in reverse direction. Try this technique for self-development. Moreover, mirror writing will surprise your friends.
Reading is great brain exercise but have you ever tried to read upside down? It may be really challenging to read and to keep in mind what you have just read. Like any exercise, start small and work day by day.
If your dominant hand is right hand, try to use your non-dominant hand in everyday life. For example, brush your teeth, clean your house or type using the left hand. This exercise will help to stimulate the parts of your brain that control your muscles.
Did you know that creativity is the skill that should be developed like any muscle? It’s very important to develop motor skills not only in childhood. It improves brain functions and it’s very useful for an adult development. That’s why we share drawing exercises to boost your imagination. Try one-line drawing that you will learn after watching our video. Besides, you can use these exercises to play with your friends during the party.
One more helpful technique is finger fitness. You will find the best exercises in our video. Here are the benefits of such exercises:
– Improve hand-eye co-ordination
– Fosters fine motor control
– Improves sequential memory
– Promotes self-regulation
– Promotes focused attention and deliberate memory
Don’t forget to exercise your body as well as the mind!

00:12 Mirror writing
01:38 Line drawing
02:21 Read upside down
02:32 Finger fitness
05:12 Magical DIY illusions

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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