Check out this absolutely wonderful way of making greeting cards for your loved ones by your own hands. Greeting cards are a lovely way to express your feelings. You can make cute DIY cards from the heart that will cost a penny. Christmas is coming and you have enough time to make a greeting card for every member of your family and also for friends. You might already have all the supplies already or if you need to buy them, they will cost a penny for you. Here is a list of supplies needed color paper, glue, craft knife, buttons, ribbons, peanuts, cinnamon sticks, yarn, beads, glitter.
Check out these absolutely wonderful ways of making cards by your own hands.
The first collection of ideas is how to make perfect invitations for perfect Birthday!
Let’s begin from the heart hot air balloon invitation. Fold in half blue color paper and cut clouds and two yellow hearts. Glue the first heart to the blues paper, fold in half the second one and glue. Using black marker finish hot air balloon. Ready!
Follow our tutorial on how to make pop-up invitations, moreover, you can make pop up cards that are great for every occasion.
Every kid or even an adult will be happy to receive a greeting card with Kinder chocolate! Find a piece of color paper, we prefer the blue one, and stick 3-4 Kinder chocolate to it. Cut an imitation of a candle flame on the top of each chocolate and stars or any decoration. Ready!
If you have a collection of buttons of different colors, make a super cute card out of them! For example, you can make a cute snowman, Christmas wreath, and even an adorable pig.
We have a lot of ideas on how to make cards with Christmas trees: pop-up cards, a tree made of cinnamon stick and ribbon, yard and beads and origami ideas!

00:09 DIY Birthday invitations
01:33 Cards with googly eyes
03:59 Card with an adorable pig
04:43 Christmas trees cards
16:15 Greeting card with Kinder chocolate
18:37 Peanut reindeer

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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