Awesome hacks for drawing and painting

In this video collection, we have some easy fan drawing tricks for kids that you’ll absolutely love even if you are adult. Drawing is such a big part of children’s lives since it is their way to spend their time and express themselves creatively.

1. How to draw using your hands:
– How to draw a duck!
For this one, you just place your hand on the paper and using a marker you start going around the perimeter of your hand. Then turn your page horizontally, draw a small circle on the side where your thumb was located, draw the feathers in the middle, then the legs, and there you finally have it! The simplest way to draw a cute little duck.
– Here is how you can draw a giraffe
Take your hand and place it on the paper with your palm facing down, then bend your middle finger as if you are hiding it and then trace the perimeter around your hand. This way you will end up with a giraffe’s head outline. Then, you can draw its little eyes, mouth, tongue and the inside of the ears.
– How to draw a peafowl
For this one, you’ll need to place your hand on the paper with your palm facing down, trace it all around and then using your opposite hand do the exact the same thing as a mirror to your previously drawn hand with both your thumbs connecting to one. Then start drawing the little feathers inside, and start coloring it with fun colors.
– How to draw a snail:
For this one, you need to bend your fingers to the inside of your palm and keep your thumb out. Then place your hand with your palm facing down on a piece of paper and then start tracing it. Your thumb will be the head of the snail and your palm the shell.
– How to draw a horse
This one is the perfect one and you’ll be doing something different with your fingers. You’ll hide your thumb and place your hand with your palm facing down. Then, you trace it as usual and you extend the neck after you remove your hand. After that draw the hair of the horse, eyes mouth and begin the most fun part which is coloring it.

2. Create fun flowers using just ink and thread.
– Cut approximately 14 inches of thread and then cut it in half. Take two bottles of ink of your preferred color. For example, we are using blue and yellow. But you can use which one you like: Red ink and gold ink, or blue ink and gold ink, silver ink. etc. The dump your threads inside the ink bottle and them soak. Take a piece of A4 paper, fold it in half and then take the threads out of the ink bottles. After that, place them while trying to curve them on the paper. Keep the end of them outside of the paper. Then fold the other side of the paper on top and press it down hard. While pressing it, pull the threads out and see the results.

3. Do you know how you can paint with coffee?
– Coffee paintings are obviously water-based, so think of it like watercolor paint but it’s just coffee. Take your paintbrush and your cup of coffee, and start painting. If you need to make it darker, add more coffee in your palette if you need to make it lighter add more water in your palette. Just think of it as the watercolor paints you had as a kid.

4. Do you know how to paint your own paint?
– You will love this one because it is not a conventional type of paint, it is fluffy like cream and soft like slime. Add in a bowl some PVA glue, then add shaving foam, and then the food coloring of your choice. Mix really well and there you have it. Take your paintbrush and start painting. You can make as many colors are you like

5. How to paint your own stamps:
– Take a bottle cup, and a tube of puffy paint, draw anything your like on the top of the bottle cup, let it dry and there you have it. You can make as many as you like and kids love these craft for the collages.

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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