Do you wanna look like a star? Find out how to make homemade cosmetics for perfect skin with natural ingredients on a low budget! It makes you beautiful without any damage to your skin! Our awesome beauty hacks will help you to renew your mascara and make lip scrub by your hands. The recipe of DIY sugaring paste will save you a fortune.
The recipe of DIY sugaring paste will save you a fortune. You will need sugar, lemon juice and water. Boil all ingredients in a pan for 5-7 minutes. Allow to cool down for about 10-20 minutes and use after that!
Pencils contain a natural grease that will help to move a broken or stuck zipper. Rub the pencil along the teeth of the zip or in the area where it is getting stuck, open and close the zip and couple of times and it should be good as new
You will find unexpected sanitary napkin hack in our video – you can stick the sanitary pads to your sports jacket to avoid sweat stains.
Coca-Cola can also help you avoid a major hair disaster. If you have gum stuck in your hair, dip the gum into a small bowl of Coke and leave for a few minutes
to easily make eyeliner at home made from activated carbon and coconut oil.
Look through our awesome collection of razor hacks: use a binder clip to protect your razor, find out what to do if your razor is broken, you will love the storage idea! Buying replacement blades can be a costly expense over time. We share a genius lifehack how to sharpen the blades! Use your old jeans, run your razor along your jeans. You’ll want to do this with the direction of the blades and not against the blades.
Did you know that you can reuse PVC pipes and create cute craft organizers, storage idea for clothes and even for wine bottles!
Put a dryer sheet over your hairbrush to clean it easily.

00:09 Homemade sugaring paste
02:08 Renew your mascara
02:59 Homemade eyeliner
04:12 Razor hacks
07:35 Cute temporary tattoo
11:22 Clean your shoes with coffee

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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