9 skin products dermatologists avoid:

Body lotion. Body lotions have a high water content. They don’t penetrate the skin or prevent moisture loss as good as creams do.
Dermatologists usually use creams which are heavier and contain a higher viscosity than lotions.

Charcoal face mask. These masks only damage the skin structure. The ingredients of such masks are very agressive. It’s much better to use clay masks.

Sunscreen spray. A spray partially loses its active elements before reaching the skin.

Tanning oil has low protection against ultraviolet rays and clogs pores. That’s why cosmetologists prefer sunscreen creams for their personal use.

Facial scrubs are very abrasive and cause irritation and inflammation. Glycolic acid exfoliants gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin bright and moisturized.

Hydrocortisone cream can cause rashes, skin thinning, dermatitis, and steroid acne. It is a strong steroid product. Never use it without a doctor’s prescription!

Foot mask. Foot masks are pretty useless and aren’t very convenient. Food creams can easily have the same effect.
Alcohol-based toner. It can dry out your skin, make it dull and flaky. It’s better to use oil-free moisturizers.

Products with SLS. They can irritate your skin and dry it out. It’s better to use shampoos without SLS.


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Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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