How to cleanse the liver? First of all pay attention to the symptoms of the liver trouble: tiredness, digestion problems, acne, a yellow coating on the tongue, a bitter taste in the mouth.

Include healthy fats in your diet-olive oil, avocado, salmon, nuts. And also green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, water with lemon, broccoli, beetroot, pumpkin.

Give up smoking, alcohol and fast food. Be sure to sleep between 1 and 4 AM.The liver actively cleans the body during this time.

Massage certain spots on your feet. They’re called Tai-chun and Yuan-tsuan. Massage them for 5 minutes each.

And now let’s find out how to determine that your body’s dehydrated. These are the hidden signs:

You’re tired for no reason

You wanna eat sweets


Shortness of breath


Dangerous symptoms:

Increased heartbeat

Low blood pressure

Dark-colored urine

A lack of sweat during physical exertion


If you wanna check yourself for dehydration, do the following – pinch the skin on the back of your hand. If the fold of skin smoothes out quickly, then your body has enough water. If the fold stays in place, then you’re dehydrated!!!

Check out your daily water norm 3:37 !

Here’s how emotions affect our bodies!

Anger weakens the liver.

Grief weakens the lungs.

Anxiety weakens the stomach.

Stress weakens the heart and the brain.

Fear weakens the kidneys.

Love brings inner peace and harmony. It strengthens our mind and body.

Laughter reduces stress.

Smiling spreads happiness.


0:13 Cool facts about left-handed people
1:03 How to cleanse the liver
1:59 How to determine that your body’s dehydrated
4:08 The benefits of cold and hot showers
4:55 Take a closer look at white cabbage
7:41 What happens when you cut your finger
8:23 How emotions affect our bodies

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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