Awesome tricks for your face that will make a huge difference

Our face is part of our identity both physically and mentally. Almost everyone likes to look young and fresh for as long as possible. So we created these amazing hacks that work wonders on your face, they are easy, affordable, and, effortless.

1. How to make your wrinkles less visible:
If you noticed that wrinkles are beginning to show on your face, then do not panic. Just take a small piece of scotch tape and place it over your wrinkles. Leave overnight and see the results the next morning when you wake up.

2. How to look skinny in photos:
In order to appear skinnier in photos, here is a little trick you can try. Take a large piece of tape and tape from one side of your back to the other. The tape will make your stomach appear tighter and toned. Of course, this is only temporary and the benefits of exercising cannot compete with that.

3. How to hack someones phone:
Are you trying to make a surprise for someone but the information you need is on their phone and their key is their fingerprint? Here is what you need to do. Take some red lipstick and apply it to their thumb. Then, stick some tape on top to transfer their fingerprint. Stick the tape with their fingerprint on your finger and unlock their phone. It is that easy.

4. How to fix a deep plunge shirt:
If you have a shirt that you feel it is too revealing or it has a deep plunge that makes it impossible to do your daily activities. Try this little trick. On the inside of the shirt add some double-sided tape close to your cleavage – both right and left. Then remove the sticker from both sides and there you have it. It is all fixed and you can still wear your favorite shirt.

5. How to remove double chin:
There is no need to go under the knife change a few things that you would like to change on your face. It can be done by some facial exercises. There is a thing called face yoga that can do wonders to your face.
– Here we have one on how to remove your double chin. Try to stretch your tongue outside of your mouth, try to form it into a spoon with the tip facing upwards and try to reach your nose 5 times. You can do this exercise as many times as you like. It will train the muscles around your tongue and under your jaw and your double chin will be removed slowly.
– Another thing you can try is to make two fists using your hands, then hold both your hands closed under your chin with resistant for 3 seconds. Repeat that as often as you like until you see results.

6. How to plug your eyebrows without pain:
We all know how much it hurts to plug your eyebrows, especially the first time. If you are looking for a painless way to do it try this trick. Take one ice cube and place it over your brows for a few seconds. This will numb the area, then when you will not be able to have a feel in that area, start plugging.

7. How to exercises your eyes.
Just like any part of the body exercising your eyes can add a lot of benefits to your overall vision. Try some of these exercises – Do all of them 5 times:
– Close your eyes for 2 minutes and then expose them to light. This will exercise your eyes to adjust faster to both light and darkness
– Try looking from the left side to the right side really fast to exercise your eyes for a wider vision, then do the same by looking all the way up and down.
– Another exercise you can do is by looking diagonally. Look all the way up to your left and then all the way down to your right and vise versa.
– Just by moving your eyes, try to move them in circles, from the right side, all the way up to the left side, then all the way down to the right side again.
– Another thing you can do is massage: Using your index and middle finger, close your eyes and massage them gently using circular motions.

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Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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