Today we share ideas on how to make unexpected things from ordinary household items! You will learn how to make cookie cutter from foil, fun ways to use slime at home and even how to make an easel from a pizza box!
Surprisingly, aluminum foil can be used not only for cooking. Here are some genius hacks that are useful, economical and cool!
One more unexpected use of foil is to seal the plastic bag if you need a bag full of food closed for a long time. Place a thin strip of foil over the bag’s opening and iron.
Keep bananas fresher, longer by wrapping the end of the bunch with foil.
Slimes are not only a great sensory activity for kids but also could be used in everyday life!
Cat owners know that hair is around your home and on your clothes. Use slime instead of a sticky clothes roller. Slime is often best for removing pet hair.
We have one more recipe of slime that could be used to stick your photos. You will need glue and borax. Adding some polish remover to the mixture, you can make very convenient nail polish remover slime.
One more colorful and useful idea is that you can put the slime of different colors into the vase and store pens in it.
Another cool idea that can surprise your friends is making a giant slime. Paint it brown and get a Nutella slime. To make it, you’ll need PVA glue, sodium tetraborate, and liquid detergent. Mix it all in a big container and enjoy your slime! Add some food coloring of your favorite color and have fun with this giant slime!
Check out fun ways to reuse empty pizza box! Did you know that you can transform it into pizza box football? Watch our video to find this cool lifehack!
Check out smart ways to eat chips:
– turn chips bag into a bowl using the “roll up from the bottom” method
– use a piece of paper for Pringles Cans. Fold a piece of paper in half, roll it and insert it into the can. Pull out chips. Ready!
– keep Your Hands Clean with Chopsticks
– learn how to eat every last bite without getting crumbs everywhere

00:38 Cookie cutter out of foil
02:19 Cat hair remover
08:51 Giant Nutella slime
09:28 Office football idea
09:54 Pizza box easel

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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