Just because you are busy, work a lot and running out of the time, doesn’t mean it is not possible to look fabulous.
The following tips are some great beauty shortcuts created for hard-working ladies, and the best thing is that most of these recipes use ingredients you already have at home.
Thanks to weather changes, we face an annoying problem – our skin becomes dry and need additional care. We share an easy recipe to soften dry skin on elbows. You will need lemon juice, soda and cotton pad!
We prepared an ultimate collection of beauty lifehacks that you can effectively use at home without going to makeup store! Use a small elastic band to adjust makeup brush.
Extend the life of your favorite foundation by adding face cream. If your old makeup sponge is worn off, don’t worry you can replace it with a balloon!
You have so many makeup and makeup tools but you don’t want to spend tons of money on organizers or they just don’t suit your personal taste? Create DIY sushi roller organizer for brushes and check out more ideas in our video!
Every girl wants to have a perfect manicure and you can do it if you know a few manicure hacks. You don’t need to be a nail artist to learn and use these beauty tips. You can even do these handy manicure hacks in the comfort of your home. These easy manicure hacks will save you tons of money from going to a nail salon.
Check out great budget manicure ideas to any taste! I hope you’ll enjoy these wonderful nail designs as much as I did!
Watch our video and find such manicure ideas as matte, marble manicure, gradient manicure, fast and cheap way to make French manicure and how easily fix your nail using a tea bag.
If you like matte effect on your nails, here’s what you should do: apply a thick layer of your favorite nail polish, pour some water into a pot to boil, keep your hands over it and let the steam do the work!

00:15 Matte manicure
02:23 Rubber band trick
03:07 Tinted brow gel
06:00 Dry elbow remedy
06:50 Sushi roller organizer

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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