We are sharing today sewing hacks that will totally love sewing pros and beginners! Pros will find new tricks and hand sewing tips. If you love to sew, these sewing hacks are going to make you smile and save you time!
There are a lot of beginner sewing basics to cover and a lot to learn. Some of them are very important, very basic and simple, but you build up your sewing knowledge as you go.
Your jeans are really old, but still, you love them so much and don’t want to throw away?
Unfortunately, you found the hole in your favorite jeans, cover it with embroidery and make you sweater customized and funny!
Upgrade your boring jacket or jeans with cute butterfly embroidery.
Transform your old clothes with some basic cutting and sewing skills and a little imagination.
Unfortunately, you found the hole in your favorite sweater, cover it with colorful embroidery and make you sweater customized and funny!
You are gonna learn to make beautiful and very simple embroidered flowers, such as rose, dandelion, lazy daisy, hyacinth, satin flower, and chamomile. Make your clothes stylish and customized!
If your leggings are too tight, sew the elastic band to resize.
Pom poms are the easiest craft and look super cute when finished. Pompoms are small, fluffy balls that you can make your own will allow you to choose any color and texture of yarn you want. They are fast, fun, and easy to make. Watch our video and find how to make cute pom poms using a fork.
A bar of soap could be extremely useful while sewing, watch our video and you will find an absolutely genius lifehack how to deal with a stubborn pin! Also, you may use a bar of soap to replace tailor’s chalk.
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01:16 Cover the hole with embroidery
03:01 Upgrade your jeans
06:14 Cute cherries
14:33 Sewing machine hack
16:22 Stubborn pin

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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