Being beautiful doesn’t mean you should spend hours in the bathroom and spend thousands on cosmetic procedures. It’s possible to look gorgeous just knowing main beauty rules and awesome lifehacks we share. The following tips are created for hard-working girls and will save you a fortune!
Pimples always appear suddenly and in the most inappropriate moment and can spoil the whole look.
No need to worry, we have a life-saving recipe! Mix aspirin and water, apply and wait until a pimple is gone.
Viral hacks sometimes look really weird and you may immediately think that they don’t work. We tested some of them and can share hacks that really work! Smokey eyes made with a spoon looks unbelievable but this hack really work! Yes, you can cut a watermelon with dental floss and no need to worry if you forgot a knife. You borrowed a book that has tons of highlighting and other types of marks everywhere. It’s a very annoying situation that has a very quick solution. Use lemon to remove highlighter and this hack really works!
We really love hacks with baking soda because it can be used to solve almost every problem! This natural and eco-friendly product is a superhero among cleaners! Moreover, it has a lot of uses you have never known before! You can use baking soda and toothpaste to whiten your teeth. This genius hack will save you tons of money! Blood stains are annoying during these days and may spoil your favorite underwear. And again baking soda is ready to help! Wash off blood using baking soda!
Dark armpit is an embarrassing problem, especially in summer. Lighten dark underarms with baking soda as it works as a mild exfoliant and regulates PH level. Mix water and soda, apply for one minute and rinse it off with water.
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00:55 Quick manicure idea
01:14 Get rid of pimples
03:13 Viral hacks that work
06:13 Unexpected use of a spoon
09:23 Forget about coffee stains
12:26 Stretched hair tie?

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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