Amazing party DIYs

Do you love parties as much as we do? Then this video is just for you. Here we have amazing party decoration and party hacks that will make you want to host an event right away. We show you awesome ways on how to decorate your Halloween drinking glasses and genius tips on how to open a beer bottle without a beer opener.

If you are looking for a way to make a drink cooler faster, then try this little hack. Instead of placing the bottle/cans in ice, fill a container with ice cold water and place some ice cubes inside. Then, add one tablespoon of salt, and finally place your drinks inside and let them sit for a few minutes. This happens because salt has special properties that lower the ice’s melting process.

Who wants to wait for their pizza when you can cook multiple pizzas at once? Instead of placing your pizza in the middle of the oven try this hack. Cut your pizzas in half and place each half facing the outside edges of the baking tray as we demonstrate in the video. Then, turn your oven on and voila. Everyone can enjoy pizza at the same time.

Of course balloons can’t be missing from a fabulous event so why not take it a step further to make them more impressive. Here is what you need to do. Place one balloon inside the other, and inflate the one on the inside halfway. Then inflate the one on the outside completely, tie them together and there you have it. You can try this balloon hack using different colors or different balloon shapes.

Are you tired of wearing the same shoes to all parties and want to make a change? You will love this little trick especially if you love sparkly fashion. Here is what you can do. Take old CD’s that you are not using anymore and break them in many small pieces. Then, using hot glue, stick them on all over your old shoes and there you have it. A brand new style that you can wear at parties or when you go clubbing. You can also use some of those broken CDs to make your own disco ball.

Since all kinds of decorations shouldn’t be missing from a nice house party in the video we have another decoration idea using LED fairy lights and ping pong balls. The only thing you need to do is poke holes into the ping pongs and place one light in each ball. Then hang them all around your walls for a more romantic atmosphere.

Don’t forget to also try out our DIY party clothing hacks that we show in the video. For example, how to make your own crop top using an old pair of leggings or a night-out crop out using your an old bra and some black stripes.

Most importantly, however, if you are new to partying and you feel shy because you don’t know how to dance, we show you 7 magnificent dance moves for beginners, so that you can have fun and dance right away.
0:22 – Awesome fairy light lamp
0:49 – How to store beer in the fridge
1:10 – Pizza cooking hack
1:20 – Amazing balloon decoration
1:45 – How to open a beer ( 4 ways )
3:13 – Party crop top
3:41 – Disco shoes
4:17 – Nightlight decoration
4:54 – DIY disco ball
6:06 – Romantic fairy lights
6:34 – Dance moves for beginners

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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