Organizing our home is not an easy task but we prepared a golden collection of life-changing storage hacks! Don’t you love when you find unexpected ways to organize your home? We’ve found a ton of ideas for using magazine, binder clips, magazine holders to organize.
Magazine holders – whether plastic, metal, wood, cardboard or some other material are not just for storing your magazines. They’re more versatile than you might have expected and space saving! Here are some brilliant hacks: you can organize your kitchen cleaning supplies and toilet paper; store your hot irons inside; use of a decorative magazine holder as a shelf.
You don’t need to go to buy tons of storage pieces as you can reuse things you already have at home, for example, eggs trays are perfect to store sauces in the fridge, use an empty cleaning wipe dispenser to store plastic bags.
Make wooden jewelry hanger – drill holes on the underside of the hanger and inserted the cup hooks. Now, you are ready to hang the hanger on the wall! The necklaces are easily seen, and untangled! Moreover, find the brilliant storage idea how to store your bras with old hangers.

You can create your own beautiful storage boxes from ordinary cardboard boxes and rope. Glue any color paper you want to the box, connect few boxes with ropes. Voila! Another awesome DIY idea you will find is how to make a drawer out of cardboard. Watch our video to find the tutorial on how to effectively store your underwear. Create a helpful organizer using felt and glue gun! Toilet paper rolls are also very helpful to organize your panties. Make a cardboard drawer divider just in 5 minutes. You not only save money but also help the environment by reducing waste and save money.
These boxes are perfect for organizing cleaning supplies, cosmetics or craft materials. And they are super-fast to make! Also, you could make them for just about any size space!
Be crafty and watch cool toilet paper roll trick we prepared for you! Toilet paper rolls are surprisingly versatile and free item to reuse at home. You may use them to make jewelry organizer. You may choose any color or design that will suit your home décor and taste.


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01:35 Egg tray condiment holder
03:26 Wooden jewelry hanger
07:10 Bra storage idea
07:52 Cardboard divider
13:58 DIY Notebook clutch

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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