Why do we love recycling? There are a lot of reasons and the first one is recycling clothes is a way to help the environment. You not only save money but also help the environment by reducing waste. The next reason is the minimalist lifestyle. Yes, reuse will help you to clean more space at home and focus on other essential parts of our life as relationships, art, and self-development.
Here are life-changing hacks we share with you:
-plan to gift the socks? Make cupcakes by rolling socks! Watch our video for inspiration and instructions! Moreover, you can make cute toys from socks and rice.
-create a perfect bun using a clean sock.
-add grip to the bottoms of slippery socks using a hot glue gun. Now you have perfect socks for yoga!
-we have an idea of DIY cozy pillowcase made from his old t-shirt
-transform your old t-shirt into bag or backpack
-cut your old jeans and make small cute bags for cosmetics
-create gorgeous hanging plant pot holders for your favorite home plants and flowers. Just find a couple of your boring old T-shirts and pair of scissors. Cut the T-shirt into same-length and width straps, tie these straps down in certain spots and here are amazing hanging plant pot holders for your favorite home plants and flowers.
How many old clothes do you have at home? Upcycle into something cool: turn an old sweatshirt and jeans into a bed for your dog; transform your old socks into a cat sweater. Moreover, you can reuse your old shirts to create insanely stylish outfits for your dog!
Pantyhose are rarely so damaged so you can also reuse them. Don’t throw them away they could be used for anything else. We prepared a list of extraordinary uses for pantyhose. Store onions in a way that keeps them dry and keeps the skins intact! This is less messy and takes up less space than a veggie bowl. Use the waistband to secure the trash bag and prevent slipping. No hair-tie? Use a small section of nylons as a hair-tie. If you lost something tiny under the coach? Put pantyhose around the end of the vacuum hose to find it easily. Also, use the hanger and pantyhose for dusting underneath the fridge or tables. Find out how to make portrait softener using pantyhose.

00:28 Toys from old socks
01:41 Perfect socks for yoga
04:01 Cut your jeans
05:59 Cute outfit for pets
11:29 Reuse your pantyhose

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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