You can’t underestimate the importance of taking care of your feet. There’s even a special discipline in medicine called Reflexology. It’s based on the knowledge about certain acuppressure points. You can influence internal organs and glands functioning by affecting these spots!

FIrst of all, I’ll show you how to make relaxing insoles for your shoes and sneakers.

Another great shoe idea – you can take some glass pebbles and glue them to your regular flip flops. Such curvy surface will reduce feet tiredness a lot.

And if you need to remove a bad smell from the shoes just sprinkle them with some baby powder.

I highly recommend following exercises after a day in heels, especially if you’re a high heels lover!

Roll a tennis ball with your foot for 2 – 5 minutes.
Pick things up with your toes 15 – 20 times.
Stretch your legs out and pull on your feet for 35 – 40 seconds.
Crouch down without removing your heels from the floor 10 – 15 times.

Remember reflexology? It’s also known as Japanese method for massaging the feet. Here are the important zones you can affect:

The HEAD ZONE helps to remove headaches and stimulates brain
The HEART ZONE prophylactic measures for a good heart rhythm.
The STOMACH ZONE helps to treat problems with the digestive tract and poor digestion.
The EYE ZONE gets rid of the eye tiredness and improves vision.
The INTESTINAL ZONE helps deal with bloating and constipation.
The LOWER BACK ZONE for removing lower back pain.
The NECK ZONE helps deal with pain in the cervical spine.
Check the right way to massage your feet in this video! ; )


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Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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