Learn how to draw prospective without a ruler, measure angles and figure out how many days there are in any given month with your hand! These and many others mind-blowing Math tricks are in this video!

There are some GREAT tricks for young mathematicians! Learn the Japanese method of multiplication, how to quickly add fractions, memorize PI number and a lot of other awesome Math stuff just for you!

I’ll also share with you some pretty easy-to-make ideas for an emergency candle, rainbow, multicolored marker, blacklight, stylish galaxy sneakers, mug prints and awesome clock organizer and Velcro hack. Let’s have some fun! : )

And if you want to make no-mess pencil sharpener from a match box or super handy scotch tape dispenser I’m here to help!
And last but not least, I wanna share with you cool backpack pillow hack for an emergency nap in the class!

Don’t forget to check these awesome old school tricks or how I like to call it – Hand magic!

If you wanna find out time till sunset, count your fingers up to the horizon. Each finger = 15 minutes before sunset.

To find out how many days there are in a month, count the months according to your knuckles and the gaps between them. If the month is on knuckle – it has 31 days, a gap – 30 days or less.

Measuring a length of a large object. The distance between your thumb and index finger = 18 cm. Between your thumb and your pinkie = 20 cm.


0:56 Hand magic hacks
2:03 Not enough sleep again?
3:35 Mini cheat sheet
7:57 Dull/Sharp
12:43 How many numbers you can see here?

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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