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Just as you are preparing for the New Year, why not try and expand your creative side as well? By exploring new decoration designs, making your own crafts and accessories or even creating your own makeup products? If we can do, this means you can do it and we are here to help and inspire you. Watch our video to get some ideas for the New Year coming ahead and don’t forget to take notes.

Let’s start with the most important ones during this period and they are the Christmas decorations. Instead of going out buying new Christmas decorations every year, why not get crafty and create your own decorations this season by repurposing old lightbulbs. You can do that by taking some PVA glue and cover your lightbulb with it using a paint brush. Then, while the glue is still wet/tacky sprinkle some colorful glitter on top. Finally, to prevent the glitter from falling out, spray your lightbulb with hairspray and Voila.

Another thing you can do with your Christmas decor is to try and turn your tree decorations into the Ninja Turtles. You simply pick only colored Christmas tree decorations, five colors of ribbon (orange, purple, blue and red) and googly eyes. You first stick the ribbon all around the green balls, then you stick two large googly eyes on top and there you have it. A Christmas tree inspired by your favorite cartoon heroes. You can also create Christmas decoration using cinnamon, watch the demonstration video to re-create one of our designs.

Are you looking for a way to create your own Christmas tree? Here we have it. Not only is it affordable, but it is also very unique and stylish. Firstly, you take a tomato cage and flip it upside down, then, you tie the top of the tomato cage so that the whole skeleton of it looks like a tree. After that, you take Christmas decorating scarfs (regular scarfs work as well) and rotate them around the tomato cage so that it is completely covered. Finally, you add the fairy lights all around and there you have it. An amazing DIY Christmas tree.

Everyone is kin od Christmas food, and why not become festive with your dishes as well, it doesn’t take skill, just foods that you already have in your fridge and imagination. So, here is how to make your food snowman. Hardboil at about 10 – 20 eggs, depending on the number of guests you are having. Then cut the tip and the bottom of all the eggs. Place one on your counter and then pierce it all the way down with a toothpick, then leave the toothpick in the egg and add another egg on top as the head of the snowman. Then, cut two different slices of carrots (one smaller than the other) place them on top of each other, and they will serve as a hat. Finally, add some raisins, as the eyes, a small slice of carrot as the nose and finally some lettuce as hands. There you have it, an easy, Christmas themed snack for the whole family.

Did you know that you can also create your own Christmas wreath using just an old wired hanger? The only things you need alongside the hanger is some Christmas tree decoration. You take your hanger and squeeze the sides of it until you see it bending so that it can take a rounder shape. Then, You unscrew the top of it to let it loose and start adding your decorations through like we show in the video. Finally when it is full enough, screw it back together again and hang it on your door.
0:06 – DIY Christmas tree decorations
0:31 – Ninja Turtles decorations
0:49 – Cook Cinnamon sticks hack
1:17 – Dinner towel folding art
1:46 – How to make your own Christmas tree
2:06 – Christmas food – Snowman
2:31 – Christmas Wreath Idea
3:17 – Polymer clay decorations
3:53 – Pasta decoration
4:21 – Cookie filling recipe
4:48 – Christmas Start Origami
5:39 – Yummy Christmas treats
6:10 – Marshmallow recipe
6:57 – Melting snowman cookie
7:36 – Smartie’s cookies recipe
7:51 – Penguin cookies
8:28 – Fairy lights decoration
10:05 – DIY window decoration

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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