We prepared an ultimate collection of beauty lifehacks that you can effectively use at home!
Moreover, find a lot of uncommon solutions to common problems and a list of unexpected use of common things!
Check out the exercise to relax after a working day. It will help to improve posture and stretch muscles all over your body.
Did you know the easiest way to make French manicure using a patch?
Another awesome idea to try is homemade crystals. Use a few basic chemicals and some patience to grow your own crystals. Then turn them into jewelry. Also, you can create a lot of gifts for your friends!
Designing and making your own jewelry is a ton of fun! No matter how many pieces of jewelry you have, you can never say no to the new cute pendant of a bracelet. But you spend too much money and want to save more? Still, you want to renew your jewelry collection easily and without spending tons of money? We prepared creative recycling tips so you can find the materials around your home to make functional crafts.
To create some popsicle stick bracelets, drop the sticks in boiling water, boil for a few minutes and then choose any color to customize it!
If you have a huge collection of jewelry, create vertical storage for it! Follow our tutorial to make awesome jewelry organizer. You gonna find one more genius storage idea: cut your old towel, roll the pieces and place rolls in the box. Storage box for earrings is ready!
We really love making edible candy makeup as you can make the most delicious lipstick and lip balm out of candy & fruits for some added fun! Mix coca cola with cacao butter in spoon, melt then pour into empty balm container and let it freeze. Add any chocolate beeswax and cacao butter, stir and melt it in hot water, then pour into empty balm container and let it freeze. Mix Juicy fruit candies, Orbit mints, vaseline, and food coloring into one bowl, microwave for 1 minute and pour this liquid mass into an empty lip balm container!

01:09 French manicure idea
02:36 How to grow crystals
04:17 Popsicle bracelets
08:22 Contouring trick
11:38 Chocolate lip balm

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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