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We live in an era where the food industry is thriving mainly because of social media. Everyone gets a chance to share their amazing cooking ideas and hacks online to help people enjoy a more delicious meal, and that is what we do as well. We compiled a list of amazing food hacks you should try that you probably never thought of before.

Let’s start with the easiest ones. Don’t just use ice trays to make water ice cubes. In the video, we show you awesome ways to use ice trays to freeze espresso coffee and enjoy an iced latte by just adding your ice cubes in a cup and then pouring some milk, or you can make wine ice cubes to enjoy with your delicious sangria. For a healthier alternative you can also make refreshing ice cubes by adding lemon juice and peppermint in your water to enjoy with your iced tea. The ideas are endless.

Speaking of drinks, how do you feel about latte art? because we are here to show you an amazing hack on how to create your own latte art to impress your guests and take awesome pictures of your coffee. Here is what you do. Firstly you print out a black and white shape that you would like to have on your latte or cappuccino, that could be anything from hearts to boats, to snowflakes or coffee beans. Then you cut it and place it on a card paper which is more steady. Then cut the whole shape in a circle, as we demonstrate in the video and Voila. Take your chocolate powder or cinnamon and sprinkle on top of your coffee.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to forget our delicious herbal tea recipes that can add various benefits to your health. For example, if you would like to get better sleep, try mixing: green tea, peppermint and lemon balm. If you would like to make your immune system stronger try this combination: black tea, blackcurrant leaves, and peppermint. In addition to those we also have an amazing weight loss tea with green tea, cinnamon, honey, and lemon. And the one that goes hand in hand with the weight loss tea is the detoxing tea: green tea, lemon juice, ginger, and honey. Watch our video to see more herbal teas.

Since it is the winter we couldn’t leave out marshmallow recipes. We have amazing cupcake decoration hacks using marshmallows that will blow your mind. Take a regular marshmallow and slit the sides of it up until the middle (not completely), then rotate it in such a way that it creates a flower just like we demonstrate in the video. Finally, sprinkle the dyed sugar of your choice and voila. This will be extra delicious on top of chocolate or caramel cupcakes. We also show you an amazing way to make your own sugar paste using marshmallows for decorations. Here is what you can do. Put some marshmallows into a bowl and microwave them for one minute until they melt. Then, take some icing sugar and sprinkle on top, mix them well together using a spatula and refrigerate. After that, take them out of the fridge, add the food coloring of your choice and then flatten using your rolling pin. Now, using your cookie cutter, cut as many circles as you can and place them halfway on top of the each other so that they are creating a straight line. Start rolling from the bottom going up until the end of the line. Then using a knife cut from the middle just like we show you in the video and there you have it. Amazing sugar paste decoration using marshmallows. Watch the full video to see what other cool DIY cake decorations you can create.
0:25 – DIY iced hot chocolate
0:42 – DIY iced coffee
1:01 – Iced tea hack
1:16 – Latte art tutorial
1:42 – Herbal tea recipes
2:33 – Marshmallow hacks
3:04 – DIY sugar paste
4:10 – Cool marshmallow cupcake decoration
4:30 – Tummy Marshmallow recipe
5:00 – S’mores hack
5:25 – DIY chocolate croissant
6:56 – Wine hack
7:55 – Healthy ice lollies
8:10 – DIY stock cubes
8:22 – DIY lollipop

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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