​Simple and Delicious Cooking Hacks:

It doesn’t matter if you are good at cooking or not. A good meal is something we all enjoy especially when it is 100% homemade. Most of the time the most delicious recipes are the simplest ones, and in this video compilation, we have them all. If you are looking for a way to amaze your guests with your cooking try some of these simple recipes.

1. Awesome Idea for eggs:
If you are a fan of fried eggs or omelets try this little dish to turn your eggs into art.
– Add two eggs in a bowl and mix them together very well.
– Then take your silicone icing bag and add the mixed eggs inside.
– Then, when you frying pan is hot, start wiggling the silicone bag horizontally and then vertically to create an abstract shape.
– Finally, remove it using

2. A simple and delicious way to fill pastries:
– If you love fruit pastries, then try this little trick. Not only is it very easy it is also customizable to the ingredients of your choice. The only thing you’ll need is puff pastry and the fruit, jam or chocolate of your choice. Cut your pastries in squares. You can try to re-create any of the examples we have in the video since they are so easy to create. Then, depending on your appetite, you can add whipping cream and then your favorite forest fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries etc. In addition to those, you can add your favorite jam inside the pastry or Nutella and turn it into a delicious croissant.

3. How to decorate your cookies:
– Cookies can be tough to decorate but with this little trick, the only thing you need to have at hand is some chocolate powder and a fork. Dip your fork in the chocolate powder and then go around the pastry and press it on the sides so that it creates a cross. Finally, bake your cookies and enjoy the magical results

4. Easiest sugar paste decoration – Roses:
– We’ve all seen the amazing sugar paste decorations that bakers make on their cakes, but we have this little trick on how to make roses using sugar paste that will make your cake look like it was done by a professional. Firstly, flatten out your sugar paste and using a glass create/cut at about 7 circles. Then, lay them slightly on top of each other on a straight vertical line. After that, you can start rolling from the bottom going up. Then take your knife and cute those circles from the middle and there you have two easy sugar paste roses.

5. How to make stencils for latte art:
– Latte art is becoming more and more famous especially because of the amazing world of social media, when we scroll through our Instagram feed we constantly see impressive latte art that we think it takes a lot of work to create. With this little hack, you’ll be creating your own latte art just like a barista. Print out a design of your choice, a heart, a snowflake, or any item that you adore, the options are endless. Then, place it on a card paper, cut it all around using your cutter and finally cut it all around into a circle to make it more convenient to use. Finally, put the round stencil on top of your latte and sprinkle some chocolate or cinnamon powder and Voila.

6. How to make your wine cold:
Sometimes the obvious way to make wine cold is by adding some ice-cubes but once you taste it you begin to regret your decision in the first place. So, here is what you need to do. Have some frozen grapes in your freezer just in case and once you open a white wine bottle put the frozen grapes inside it keeps the wine cool without altering the taste.


0:46 – Pastry fillings with simple designs
2:29 – DIY cookie decorations
3:00 – DIY fish design using sugar paste
3:28 – How to make a rose using sugar paste
3:50 – DIY Lemon Spray Bottle
4:19 – DIY Latte art
5:08 – White Wine hack
5:38 – How to remove moisture from tomatoes
6:03 – How to make Nutella filled pancakes
6:23 – DIY chocolate twist pastry
6:54 – DIY apple pie roses

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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