Everyday life hacks

Check out this compilation of clever hacks for every occasion, they may come in handy at any time! How to cut vegetables, make frozen yogurt pops, beer box cooler, start fire with chips and tons of different helpful stuff! 🙂

1. Life hack with avocado
Avocados are not only delicious, they are also very healthy and rich in fats that are good for our diet. But everyone knows them for fast spoiling. Yes, it is hard to keep them in a fridge for a long time. Do you know how to keep a half of avocado fresh longer? We will tell you now. Just cover it in a thin layer of any vegetable oil and put in a fridge. It will not get bad for a long time

2. How to start a fire in an emergency situation
Here is a great hack that may actually save your life one day. If you are lost and do not have paper to lit the fire, check if you have some chips with you. Put them on the ground far away from trees and dry yellow grass and use your lighter or matches to lit the fire. Yes, chips burn pretty easily. What a great survival hack!

3. How to open a bottle using paper
How many times have you been in this amazing situation: you bought a cold refreshing drink but can’t find a bottle opener? No need to worry! All you need is a sheet of paper. Yes, you read it right! Just fold the paper multiple times and use it as a bottle opener. A very easy and very handy trick.

4. How not to fall asleep at work or at school
Sometimes all of use are having these sleepy days when we just cannot concentrate on anything. Maybe you’ve had a really nice party or a sleepless night with your child – the reason doesn’t matter as the result is the same: you are falling asleep at work or at school. We got it covered! Just chew some chewing gum. It will refresh you and keep you concentrated.

5. How to make delicious muffin in a cup 12:54
Do you like chocolate as much as we do? Then this simple 5-minute dessert recipe is just for you. And no need to bake! Take your favorite cup (or any cup of your preference) and carefully mix some butter, cocoa, sugar, flour and one egg together right in the cup. Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes. A delicious chocolate muffin is done! By the way, this is a life-saving recipe for unexpected guests 😉

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Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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