Halloween is here! This video is full of super creative pumpkin decorating ideas you should totally try this autumn! Whether you like carving ideas or painting projects, our tricks will totally scare your friends!
Carving takes a lot of time and even good skills, don’t worry there are lots of ways to create spooky and awesome pumpkins that you will want to place in every corner of your home!
Moreover, our pumpkin décor projects will save you a lot of money and time!
Cement is a cool material for crafting Let’s start from cement pumpkin! It’s a quick project that is totally cute! You will need cement, old tight and rubber bands. You can paint your pumpkin in any color you like! Watch full tutorial in our video!
The next idea of creating a pumpkin is even easier, you will need a balloon, a rope, tape, and newspapers. And don’t forget to pain your lovely pumpkin! Another awesome craft is making cute pumpkins out of yarn and making garlands of them. Using these crafts, you can make an amazing party atmosphere and make this Halloween unforgettable.
Check out a lot of decoration ideas for your party table! You can make not only yummy but also a spooky decoration that will surprise your friends and make a party memorable. You can make a lot of cute snacks spooky banana ghosts, cheese brooms, tangerine pumpkins. You can also find a couple of amazing crafts on wrapping candy for the party.
Do you like themed parties? This time we will show you insanely stylish, creative and beautiful costume ideas! You can dress up like Snow Queen, Maleficent or Rapunzel!

Moreover, find out a cheap idea how to make a ghost! You don’t need to buy it, do it yourself instead!

00:34 Cement pumpkin
01:33 Balloon pumpkin
04:46 Halloween table decoration
08:34 Fairy boots
11:17 Party costume ideas

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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