There is no need to buy a new phone holder or search the lost one at home, use a paperclip to make quick and inexpensive phone holder.
Racing wheels are too expensive and you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Instead, take a plate and glue a phone case to it, insert a phone. Ready! You can enjoy your favorite racing games for hours.
You can make a creative iPad stand just in a couple of minutes using our tutorial. To make your own stand you will need a total of 4 pencils and 3 elastic bands. Follow our instruction on how to connect pencils.
Feathers are great to decorate nearly everything, check out how to decorate your phone case using feathers. You will need a clear phone case, feathers, glue, and resin. Glue feathers to the phone case and covet with resin.
Turn your boring phone case into the awesome thermal case in 5 minutes! Cover the clear phone case with a layer of white paint and after that with yellow nail polish. Once it’s completely dry, cover with color-changing nail polish.
One more cool idea is to make a phone case using a hot glue gun. Wrap your smartphone with cellophane, find the print you like and easily make a phone case! Watch full tutorial in our video!
Use yarn or macrame to personalize your headphones cords, you will also create a layer of protection and give your cords a longer life. Moreover, you can choose every color you love. Enjoy!
Sometimes we don’t know what to do with old things as they are sometimes too good to throw away. We have a collection of crafts that you can make from an old keyboard. Reuse it in unexpected ways – make minimalistic clocks using CD. Rip off buttons and make a romantic message in a picture frame. One more unexpected use is to make a necklace or a ring!
The old sock could be reused as an armband. Cut off the toes and heels part and pull the sock up your arm.

00:12 Paperclip phone holder
00:27 DIY Racing wheel
01:41 Lime lamp
04:45 Reuse an old keyboard
05:45 Jewelry ideas
08:00 Felt iPad cover

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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