Dark gloomy days call for crazy fun activities don’t you think?

On the weekend I broke up the miserably grey days with a very silly pasta drawing prompt!

I challenged my nephews to use a variety of pasta shapes as a drawing prompt.

To get started I hunted down some pasta – we just happened to have some different coloured and shaped pasta in the pantry which was perfect – shells, tubes and bows!

Then I simply glued the pasta onto the paper in a random pattern and handed them over to my kids…

We started with a line of little pasta tubes going across the page, which quickly turned into ants marching across the page.

Then there were some little green pasta shells which became caterpillars and bugs. We experimented with drawing right on the pasta to add some more details which was cool!

And then we tried some bows which became, birds, butterflies and a man with a really big bow tie!

This is a super easy art project that is very low mess… and we’ve made it even easier and even less messy by making some free printable pasta drawing prompts.


1:07 The best art ideas for painting
2:20 Mini camera
6:45 Fluffy bunnies
8:17 Worm Venom

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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