Well, life can be tough and can be quite a pleasure, but why not to save some money anyways? We don’t say that you should stop eating expensive fish and fruits, or stop buying new clothes. No! But some everyday things actually cost you a good amount of your monthly income, and here is where you can actually save a tone of money.

Now we cannot imagine our lives without a remote TV controller, but what is one battery there is not working? No, you don’t have to rush to the supermarket to buy a new one and spend another $5. Take a paper clip instead and put it together with a working battery. Do you see how magical this trick is? Yes, you can now control your TV with one battery only and also save some money.

These new heels looks stunning on your feet, but are very uncomfortable and always slip on the tile? Don’t run to the store to buy another brand new pair! Find a little strip of sandpaper – we’re sure you have one from the last renovation you did – and glue it to your shoes. The problem is solved! Your favorite heels will not let you down anymore!

Do you remember when you buy a pair of scissors last time? Most of us have one pair forever, but what is it finally cannot cut a thread anymore? No need to spend your money on the new ones. Take another strip if sand paper and cut is multiple times with the scissors. That is it! You scissors are sharp again!

Here is the trick – you don’t need to buy new items as fast as the old ones don’t work anymore. Try to fix them instead. How to do so? Just watch this video with brilliant and simple life hacks that will make your life easier and cheaper.

00:10 How to save a broken phone
01:41 Smart life hacks for carpets
02:10 Unusual uses for sandpaper
04:14 How to sharpen scissors
06:13 This is how you may also use teabags

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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