Irish farmer brushing donkey's teeth.

2019 Irish Farmer Calendar Is Here!

Who needs beefy firemen or hot policemen calendars when you can have this amazing thing hanging on your wall? Featured below are the funniest photos from Irish Farmer Calendar 2019 issue and previous years. Scroll down and enjoy!

Irish farmer brushing donkey's teeth.

Chicken crossing the road.

Irish farmer posing with his girlfriends.

Irish farmer knitting in the field.

Irish farmer playing pool.

Teaching old dog a new trick.

Farmer taking care of his ride.

Irish farmer taking a shower.

Irish farmer to the rescue!

Taking a bath with a duck.

Best Irish farmer folk band in action.

Farmer taking a piglet for a walk.

Farmer reading newspaper to pigs.

This doesn't look like a fair fight.

The cutest selfie ever.

Irish farmers having a good time.

Irish farmer posing with his horse.

Playing guitar to a pig.

Irish farmer feeding his rabbit.

Irish farmers having fun.

Source: sadanduseless

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